Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

MIEMBANO Ltd.’s HSE policies, objectives and procedures are implemented through the HSE Management System that defines the principles by which we conduct our operations with respect to service quality, health and safety of personnel and the protection of the environment.

MIEMBANO Ltd believes that good HSE performance is critical to the success of an operation, and will therefore strive to ensure that the activities cause:

  • No incidents
  • No harm to people
  • No damage to the environment

Our QHSE objectives are:

  • Give equal priority to safety, health and environmental matters in the planning and execution of all activities;
  • Ensure that all personnel are informed of their roles and responsibilities with respect to health safety and the environment, both under normal operating conditions and during emergencies;
  • Provide all personnel with work methods and procedures that are safe, thereby reducing the risk of injury, accidents and damage to property;
  • Safeguard all personnel from foreseeable hazards to health and safety caused by existing procedures and work systems;
  • Identify HSE training needs for MIEMBANO Ltd personnel and provide training as agreed and required;
  • Comply with all HSE procedures and standards;
  • Maintain proper measures for fire detection, fire protection, firefighting and systems for evacuation in the event of an emergency;
  • Provide personnel with appropriate medical care and first aid facilities;
  • Monitor and measure health and safety performance;
  • Comply fully with client procedures and all local and international rules and regulations regarding occupational safety, health and environmental management.